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Welcome to Kolze'''''''''''''s Corner Gardens
12717 IL Route 176 | September Hours: 9am-5pm every day 815.338.1475 |
Kolze's went "green" for 2015! The investment in technology reduced our gas and electric use. This savings allowed us to drop our price on all premium 4.5" pots from $4.75 in 2014; down to $3.99 each in 2015. A discount applies for quantities of 12 or more. HANGING BASKET SALE!
Any size $12 each until September 14th, 2015
Plenty of beautiful baskets for you to choose from! IT GETS GREENER!
All Kolze's "White Logo" pots are returnable through out the year for an in store credit or a voucher for all seasons! We are passing it on to say thank you. Why Kolze's? 1 We help you enjoy all 4 seasons with the best, most vibrant color you've ever seen. 2 With our premium hanging baskets and window boxes we can help improve your outdoor living space. 3 Our plant selection will help produce fresh air, reduce stress in your life, and add color to your lifestyle. 4 We have shrubs and perennials grown by local experts who select the hardiest varieties with a long blooming season. 5 Our vegetable plants are grown by us and are pesticide free. We use natural techniques to deter pests on our plants. Check out what's NEW at Kolze's in the "Latest and Greatest" section in the left side bar or CLICK HERE. Come see our NEW Shade and Energy curtain, NEW Moss Containers and Pony Keg Planters! New Kolze Recycled pot program this year!
Customers receive cash back for returning specific items!
GOING GREEN! See picture below. Like us on Facebook to get day to day updates on whats new at At Kolze's, we specialize in growing hardy, common, and proven plants 11 months a year for walk-in retail customers, Chicagoland area garden centers, landscapers, and fundraisers. Our passion is providing our customers with techniques and varieties to make each season, spring, summer and fall, a celebration of color or harvest. Come see what we're talking about! Kolze's makes growing easy. Why? Because we understand how to enhance your personal space, decks and patios. Our experience with container gardening teaches you the tricks and techniques to make those spaces come alive.


We Grow Hardy Fall Mums:










We also grow...

-Perennial (Fall) Pansies

-Hardy Alyssum

-Hardy Stock

-Ornamental Kale

November & December:


Poinsettias: Home Grown at Kolze's

We grow 13 colors and 5 sizes



Fresh Fraser Christmas trees arriving weekly



Fresh Fraser mixed with White Pine made weekly.

Six available sizes. Affordable, made by us.






and more!

[See below for pictures]

2 Gallon Mums$9.99 each, choose 5 for $45


5-9 quantity $9 each 10-24 $8.50 each

25+ $7.50 each!