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Now open 7 days a week 9am - 5 pm for the month of April

12717 Rte. 176 Woodstock, IL. 60098
Phone: 815-338-1475
Fax: 815-338-2982

Email:  bob.kolze@gmail.com

At Kolze's, we specialize in growing hardy, common and proven plants 11 months a year for walk in retail customers, Chicago area garden centers and fundraisers.  Our passion is providing our customers with techniques and varieties to make each season;  spring, summer and fall, a celebration of color or harvest.  Come see what we're talking about!

Check out our specialty line of bird feeders, bat and bird houses, birding accessories and gourmet bird seed. Proven to attract all of your favorite backyard friends. We are experts at Baffling Squirrels, ask us how.

 We have a series of instructional videos less then a minute long that will "coach you" with simple techniques that make growing plants a blast. Click on the link below. Or the "Instructional Video" tab on the left.


Kolze's is making news! See what we are doing to help the community. Click on the links below.

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Cha Ching Cherry is a new variety of bi-colored petunias. They have a great compact trailing habit and look great with Lemon Slice Superbells in baskets and conatiners (pictured above).

Meet our local 2014 Kolzes crew!

From left to right top to bottom.  Aaron Denman, a 2011 WHS graduate.  Chris Franklin, a 2012 WHS graduate.  Tyler Stasinopoulos a 2012 WHS graduate.  Kyle Woodall, a 2013 WHS .  Noah Hardt, a 2001 WHS graduate, Marine Corps vet and graduated Tribeca Falshpoint Academy with a degree in Audio Engineering.

Lucia is a vegetative variety of Lobelia. It is hardier then seed Lobelia and has a higher tolerance to hot weather. It is a great butterfly attractor and works well as an upright component is containers and baskets.

We carry a wide variety of premium bird seed, houses and feeders. We specialize in attracting unique local and migratory song birds. Check out our eco-friendly post recycled bird feeders.

Pomegranate Punch is a brand new variety of Superbells that has the industry abuzz. With its dark red (almost black) center and lighter red outside edge, it provides great contrast in planters and baskets with a trailing growth habit.

Kolze's makes growing easy. Why? Because we understand how to enhance your personal space, decks and patios. Our experience with container gardening teaches you the tricks and techniques to make those spaces come alive.

Lantana is a must have for any of your gardening needs. It works well in containers and shines in garden beds. With many varieties of showy multi-tone colors it is impossible to miss. It loves hot and dry weather, is a great Hummingbird and Butterfly attractor and continues to grow up to the first hard frost.

The Kolze Family were truck farmers from the Chicago O'Hare Field area circa late 1850's. Vegetable farming production gave way to bedding plant production in 1969 in Palatine, IL. Moving to Woodstock in 1997, the same family work ethic exists today; providing Chicagoland garden centers, landscapers and consumers with the finest quality annuals and perennials.