Kolze's Corner Gardens

12717 IL Route 176, Woodstock, IL 60098

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For 2016, Kolze's has added new ideas and products  to make growing plants easier

Opening Day is Friday April 8th


The Best Prices and Plants!  See the difference


Kolze's large volume and new technology dropped our prices once again for  2016


Recycle our "Kolze Pots" for an instant store rebate


We grow over 90% of our "green products"


130,000 4.5" Pots  and 6,000  Hanging Baskets


 Vegetable Starters  in 2.75" Pots (pesticide free)


3000 7" Geranium and Mixed do it yourself combos


Shade and Sun loving Perennials, Shrubs and Trees


Welcome to Kolze's Online!

LOVE THAT GREEN continues in 2016

Kolze's went "green"!  Our investment in technology reduced our gas and electric use. This savings allowed us to drop our price on all premium 4.5" pots from $4.75 in 2014;  down to $3.99. each in 2015 and 2016.  A discount applies for quantities of 12 or more.


RECYCLE REBATE all Kolze's Pots (with our name on it)

All Kolze's 4.5, 7, 8, and 10 inch pots  are returnable through out the year for an in store credit or a voucher for all seasons!  Recycling/Replanting  Thank You!


Why Kolze's?



1 We grow 90% of our products right in our Woodstock greenhouse

Select fresh new vigorous varieties.   Our plants are not stunted or old.


2  Our creative hanging baskets and window boxes  improve your outdoor living space.  Try a "Vacation Combination" No Watering , No Worries


3 All products are screened each season to offer "hardy" choices for our area and climate.  Inventories offered have an intended purposeful use.


4 We have shrubs and perennials grown by local experts within 15 miles.  Our prices remain economical by removing the shipping costs.  Freshly stocked each week with ever changing seasonal selections.


5 Our vegetable plants produced here at Kolze's are without pesticides. We release Beneficial Insects to control "unwanted critters". Clean Plants are vigorous growers!


6 Kolze's has been growing plants since 1949 and in the Christmas Tree business since 1959


7) Commitment to donate money each month to support the McHenry County Food Banks.


"PSST",  means pass it on! Join us on Face Book for seasonal tips. Our customers sharing Kolze's Corner Gardens on any social media is our best advertising. Word of Mouth keeps our  prices low.


Thanks for looking us over,  Bob Kolze/Owner and Operator