This place is great! Bob Kolze, the owner, is very knowledgeable and helpful. The flower combinations he creates are just beautiful! I’ve gotten my pole green beans here last year when I lived in Chicago & they did so well I came back for more.

Kelli K.

This grower is definitely the best around. They grow their own plants, teach you how to care for them, and don’t use any growth inhibitors or anything else destructive. Awesome people!

George M.

The folks at Kolze’s are always Johnny on Spot to help choosing the best options for your specific needs. Have been going there for quite a while.

Char H.

My family and I go here EVERY Mother’s Day weekend. Knowledgeable staff, wide selection, and healthy established plants are the norm here. Their hanging basket arrangements beat anything that you’ll find at any big box store.

Steve Morris

This place was great. My wife loves hummingbirds and this place has a bunch of very healthy looking plants and pre-made arrangements set up for hummingbirds. The staff is very knowledgeable and they very friendly when you ask about a plant.

Michael Ammer

Best Christmas trees we’ve found in the area, and friendly customer service too!

Joe Walsh
The best xmas trees around!
John J.

Bob and his crew are always helpful. The quality of their flowers and other plant material cannot be beat. About 8 years ago I moved to Whitewater, WI, but I still travel to Kolze’s throughout the year to buy flowers, bagged mulch and other garden supplies. There just isn’t anyone else I’ve found that delivers a better product. They also share their knowledge of plant care – as a result, my hanging baskets have lasted well into November. Thanks, guys.

Robert L.

If you are a gardener, walking into their greenhouse for the first time is a once in a life experience! Stunningly beautiful!

Love my poinsettia. I purchased it in November and it is still beautiful. Will never buy one anywhere else.

Kiki F.