What makes our mums special?
  1. Knowledge: Naturally grown mums bloom the longest.
  2. Value: Grown by us in Woodstock, IL (economically priced).
  3. Selection: Multiple colors, combinations, and batches.
Hardy fall mums come in 13 shades of 6 colors! Mum Season: 2nd week in August to 2nd week in October

Kolze’s 2 Gallon Mums Fit Perfectly in Wooden Pony Kegs and Wicker Baskets! A great way to create a fall feel on the front porch or deck!

“Sundance Yellow” is a vibrant yellow color. Great Fall color.

Mumbos are here!! These Mums bloom in three different color combinations. This year we will growing 5 different combinations for your fall planting.

Colorful Fall Pansies

Our beautiful pansies last long into the fall and even into the winter. They can withstand down to 20 degrees. With a little added Purple Cow compost to the soil they are planted in they will re-seed and come back around the beginning of April thru mid-June with beautiful large blooms.

Ornamental Kale: Nagoya

  • White & Rose color options
  • Compliments Fall mums by adding texture and color
  • Withstands ice and snow to 15 degrees F.
  • Pots available: 4.5″ and 8″ pots for Fall

Asters in Purple & Pink!

Our Fall asters are extremely hardy, down to -40 degrees F. They are covered in small purple, blue, or pink blooms. More information and pictures coming soon.

Decorate with Kolze’s

Through the fall we also have Pumpkins, Corn Stalks, Hay Bales, Gourds, and all of our Fall 4.5″ pots!


Great selection of hardy flowering shrubs including hydrangeas, lilacs, and roses. Now is the Perfect time to plant!

Fresh 1 gallon size perennials arriving weekly from local growers. Unique and hardy selection through the seasons. Now is the perfect time to plant!

Fall into new, beautiful colors.

Our question is, how can we wow you today? Come discover colors you didn’t know existed! Our highly experienced, friendly team is happy to show you where.