Mulch & Compost

Kolze’s carries  a locally provided ORGANIC Veggie Compost that works great in raised beds, perennial beds, around shrubs, trees, and in the grass. This great compost mixture provides the nutrients needed to enrich the soil resulting in bigger and better yields.

What makes Kolze’s Premium Bark Mulch better than other hardwood mulches is the high percent of Bark that is processed into the mix, not how many times it has been processed. A high quantity of bark is desirable in a mulch because it doesn’t breakdown quickly, and the shredded bark doesn’t compete for nitrogen or moisture with the soil.


  • Premium Hickory Bark Mulch 2 cu. $6.99 each, 5 or more $6.50 each
  • Bulk Premium Hickory Bark Mulch $59.00/yd

***Unfortunately we are unable to do mulch deliveries at this time.  Mulch is sold by the yard if picked up in an open trailer or the bed of a pickup truck.  Menard’s in Woodstock has rent-able pickup trucks that we have confirmed are cleared to pick up mulch.***

1 cubic yd will cover

  • 162 Sq Ft = 2″ thick
  • 108 Sq Ft = 3″ thick
  • 54 Sq Ft  = 6″ thick

Idea: Make a list of the dimensions of the areas you want to cover to find the total square footage you want to cover.


  • Area 1 – 10’x10′ cover 2″ thick = 100 sq ft
  • Area 2 – 8’x8′ cover 2″ thick = 64 sq ft
  • Total square footage = 164 sq ft

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