Fundraising with Kolzes

No Risk, ALL Reward

Profit from Plants.

Annual Fall Fundraisers
Annual Impact on Communities


With over 6,000 mums grown each year we speculate what WE plant. We don’t take preorders and with countless years of experience, we have always fulfilled every order. With our love for the communities and our expertise, we absorb the risk.


Contact us below or via phone to get informed on how to participate. Lock in participation and delivery date by deadline each year. Again, this is at no risk to you. With no prebook you’re not on the hook. Presell, postpay. That is the way with Kolze’s.


With Kolze’s there is only PROFIT. The size of the profit depends on the plants sold by your organization. Never feel behind with a requirement to meet numbers. Turn in your sold numbers by a set date in August and pay at delivery. As easy as that.


If you are ready to submit for participation please follow this link to our Fall Fundraiser Form, fill out the required fields, and submit via email:

“Blooming Success: No-Risk Fundraising with Kolze’s Corner Gardens in Woodstock, IL”

In the quaint town of Woodstock, Illinois, nestled among the charming streets and friendly faces, Kolze’s Corner Gardens has become a local institution known for its vibrant array of seasonal blooms and greenery. What sets this garden center apart, however, is not just its stunning selection of plants but also its innovative approach to fundraising that benefits both organizations and supporters alike.

No-Risk Fundraising: A Win-Win Solution

Fundraising is an essential component for schools, sports teams, and community organizations, but it often comes with the challenge of finding initiatives that are both profitable and hassle-free. This is where Kolze’s Corner Gardens steps in…