Quick. Quality. Consistent.

How We Work


Get In Contact

Reach out to us VIA phone. (815)338-1475 to inquire about a wholesale order.



Request updated availability (via google sheet) or work with us over the phone.


Place Order

Order your plants with quantities and varieties, or trust us to build you a beautiful selection based on your guidelines. **NO PREORDER**



Hand picked of the best quality, loaded, and shipped. Greenhouse to greenhouse with no warehouse wait time.



*Wholesale level pricing* paid for with check at delivery, or work with us on payment timeline within our guidelines to meet your needs.


Order Again

Repeat the process again when you need more product. No stress to meet numbers of preorder. Order what you want when you need it.

Wholesale¬†Features with Kolze’s

Same Day Delivery

Imagine Plants at your Greenhouse the day you realize you need them. We do that.

High Quality

Grown for our own retail and shared with yours, so you know it’s of the best quality.

Hand Selected

We pick the best of the best at time of delivery for each order. From our greenhouse care to yours. No waiting in a warehouse.

On Demand

Order when you need it. No speculating. Refill with the “hot sellers” and wait on the rest.

No Pre-Order

No preseason speculating. No Guessing. No Stress. Order during selling season.

Large Selection

200,000+ 4.5″ & 6,500+ Hanging Baskets, 6,000+ Poinsettias we have a large and beautiful selection year round.

Always Fresh

Meticulously planted in weekly batches to always have the freshest plants available for you. Even through summer our stuff is fresh.

Extreme Accuracy

With our large and fresh selection, and continuously updated availability, we can get you your plants with minimal substitutions.

Ultra Responsive

Always on call. In the morning, during day, or after hours. You can place, change, or add to your order and we will respond.