Kolze’s Corner Gardens: Your Oasis for Hanging Basket Elegance in Woodstock, Illinois

Unveil the charm of your garden with hanging baskets from Kolze’s Corner Gardens in Woodstock, Illinois. As a beacon of annual excellence, Kolze’s Corner Gardens stands out as the go-to destination for discerning plant enthusiasts seeking premium hanging baskets that elevate outdoor spaces.

Hanging Basket Care Tips from Kolze’s Corner Gardens

At Kolze’s, we understand the nuances of hanging basket care. Our expertly crafted guide ensures your baskets flourish under your care:

  1. Watering Mastery:
    • Drip-Through Delight: Our baskets thrive with a gentle drip through the bottom, providing the perfect hydration.
  1. Nutrient-Rich Advice:
    • Guarding Nutrients: Combat leaching with our carefully selected MirAcid, ensuring your plants receive the essential nutrients they need. Be sure to follow OUR provided care sheet.
  1. Tailored Plant Care:
    • Plant-Specific Guidance: From petunias to begonias, our knowledgeable staff provides tailored advice for every plant variety we offer. Click Here for our care sheet.

Explore Our Diverse Hanging Basket Collection

Petunia, Calibrachoa, Can’t Decide Combo, Hummingbird Stews:

    • Sun Soakers: These light-loving varieties thrive with up to 9 hours of direct sun. Find the perfect burst of color for your sunny spots.

Double Shade Impatiens Combo, Fuchsia, Non-Stop Begonias:

    • Shade Elegance: Optimal choices for North or East Side placement, gracing your garden with elegance in partial sunlight.

Vacation Combinations & Geraniums:

    • Sun Seekers: Flourish in semi to full sun, adding vibrant hues to your garden oasis. These are the baskets with the lowest watering needs.

New Guinea Impatiens & SUNpatiens:

    • Versatile Beauties: Perfect for partial sun and shade, these plants provide a stunning display with well needed attention.

Porch Potatoes / Textured Foliage:

    • Flexible Flourish: Ideal for low light, under over-hangs, or up to 6 hours of direct sun. Add texture to any corner of your garden.

Visit Kolze’s Corner Gardens Today

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kolze’s Corner Gardens. Located on the outskirts of Woodstock, Illinois, our garden center invites you to explore a diverse range of high-quality hanging baskets meticulously curated for beauty and resilience.

Discover the joy of gardening with hanging baskets from Kolze’s Corner Gardens. Visit us today, and let your garden flourish with elegance and vibrancy. Your oasis awaits at Kolze’s!

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