Bob Sr. and Pat Kolze

If you have been around Kolze’s as a customer since the Palatine location or the Early Woodstock years, then you definitely know Bob and Pat. Parents to Bob Kolze Jr. (current owner and president) they have always been and continue to be a staple of the Garden Center. You might just be a lucky customer that gets to meet them on one of their regular surprise visits through the year.

Bob Sr. was the founder and owner of Kolze’s until 200_ when he passed on the legacy to his son Bob Jr who took a liking to what the business was all about from a very young age. Since then, Bob Sr. and Pat have been around often; staying in the loop with their Kolze’s legacy.

Bob Kolze Sr. & Pat Kolze

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Kyle Dehn Franklin – Manager

Employee since 2015, Kyle started as a part time employee in high school. Drawn to the community at Kolze’s he stayed with the company through high school and college. After spending 4 years as an Illini, at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Kyle decided post graduation to stay a Kolze. Kyle is becoming proficient in perennials and shrubs at Kolze’s, helping you easily and quickly design a beautiful low maintenance garden. Also very knowledgeable in Kolze annuals he is happy to provide his guidance and any needed assistance.

Tyler StasinopoulosManager

Employee since 2013, Tyler has been a full time employee since finishing high school. He found a passion for plants and providing hospitality to the beloved Kolze customers. Tyler has an expertise in Kolze’s annual varieties and finding a solution to customer’s home growing problems. He is the lead grower and is always happy to put in the extra time for any customer!

Bob KolzeOwner

Bob started his ventures with Kolze’s under his parents Bob Sr. and Pat from a very young age. Always around the garden center and veggie fields Bob always had his hands in the dirt and mind set to the future. What could he do with the plants, what works, what doesn’t? No one could tell him that he couldn’t do something with plants. He has always seen growing and caring for plants the same as humans. You must be there and give the plant what it needs when it needs it to shape it into what (or who – comparing to humans) you want it to be.

Bob has been a very successful grower, business man, and friend to many of his customers and employees. He is beginning to look forward to his years of retirement as Kyle and Tyler become more proficient in operating Kolze’s.